Cannabis Tourism is a New Economic Generator

However, the best example is Planet 13, which is aiming to be the largest cannabis dispensary in the world when completed. At 112,000 square feet, the cannabis superstore will be a tourist attraction itself. Customers will control 15-foot-tall interactive LED flowers on the roof and watch a show featuring floating orbs on the hour, every hour. There will also be a sensory-activated digitally reactive floor, 3D projection images and laser graffiti, which allows guests to create their own temporary laser and light artwork on the walls. Planet 13 is expected to have the largest supply of cannabis and cannabis-related products in Las Vegas with 40 to 50 check-out registers ready to move sales along — almost like a Walmart. There’s even an on-property coffee shop in the works. The grand opening of the first phase is expected in late October or early November.