Out of This World: The world’s largest cannabis shop sets news standard for size, entertainment

Planet 13 is a cannabis dispensary for the social media era. Not only is it the largest marijuana retailer in the world, but its futuristic design components and audio-visual showmanship make a bold attempt to capture the attention of the 55 million visitors who come to Las Vegas every year. “Our whole goal was to be vibrant and attention-grabbing,” marketing director David Farris says. To that end, the company has clearly succeeded, with all the glitz and glamor of the casinos that have made Las Vegas famous. More than just a weed store, Planet 13 is an experience that begs to be photographed, shared and envied. “We’re really geared up to be that huge destination in Las Vegas,” Farris says. “We’re definitely one of a kind in the whole industry. That’s kind of our vision.”