Small-Cap Cannabis Companies Continue to Show Promise

Planet 13 Holdings (NASDAQOTH:PLNHF) has been working to build an entirely new side of the market; tourism. The company has been working to open a Planet 13 Superstorw thin Las Vegas, which would effectively be the first cannabis entertainment space domestically. It is hard to say at this time how large the market could be, but as cannabis becomes legal around the world, it seems as though more and more people have continued to flock to the havens of legality for the use of the substance. The company has also been working to promote its business through a series of advertisements in some of the most popular spaces around Las Vegas, which means that the future could potentially be filled with even more promise for the space. The hopes are high that Planet 13 can remain one of the more interesting and innovative businesses to watch as we move throughout the coming months to years.